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Sinfear and the Love

Sinfear and the Love

Jane Buckingham - Bass guitar and vocals

John Buckingham - vocals, midi-synths, electric guitar, composer

Jules Buckingham - tenor sax, flute, penny whistle, backing vocals


John Buckingham and Jules Buckingham first began playing together when they were in their teens. They had last played together in the band Orpheus and then they parted company for a number of years to persue their own separate musical routes.

Their paths crossed again back in 1991, when, both tired of playing other people's music and coping with conflicting ego's, the two decided to join forces again.

This time, with a mixture of musical experiences under their belts, they were all set for creating something totally of their own.

Sinfear and the Love was born!

Over the years the style of Sinfear began to evolve . . . .

. . . . as a natural progression Jane Buckingham joined in 1992 and the band was then complete.

Daydreams - 5:01

Happiness - 6:24

Sophie - 4:49

Place to Stay - 5:28

Political Crime - 5:50

Things Are How They Are - 3:52

Wanderer Wandering - 3:57

The Scene Is Set Now - 5:44

Light in the Fire - 4:03

The Fear of Sin - 4:52

Can't Take It With You - 4:57

The Wizard - 4:10

Extinction - 5:12

Legal Eyes - 3:59

Songs and lyrics by John Buckingham
except for Political Crime written by John Buckingham & Paul Skingley

Sinfear and the Love

Towards the end of 1993 Sinfear and the Love decided to add a couple more
members to give the band a bit of a lift and to make us more visually exciting.
We were very pleased to obtain the services of Rob Fish on acoustic guitar and
Paul Reeves on drums and didgeridoo.

The following cover versions are the best that we can find:

Recorded live at a practice, around 1992:

Drive - 4:01 - The Cars

Heartbeat - 4:15 - The Pet Shop Boys

Jeepster - 4:02 - T. Rex

Lyin Eyes - 6:05 - The Eagles

The Only One - 4:02 - The Charlatans

Time - 7:04 - Pink Floyd

Recorded live at the Red Lion pub Ringwood, mid 1993, unfortunately in mono:

Back in the USSR - 5:54 - The Beatles

I'm Free - 4:00 - Soup Dragons

Jumpin Jack Flash - 4:10 - The Rolling Stones

Love Shack - 4:52 - The B52's

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (part) - 3:32 - The Beatles

White Wedding - 5:20 - Billy Idol

Recorded live at Ibsley Village Hall near Ringwood, 1993 Christmas Party in aid of Shelter,
Rob Fish on acoustic guitar and Paul Reeves drums and didgeridoo:

Heartland - 4:50 - The The

Let's Go Crazy - 4:17 - Prince

One in Ten - 4:48 - UB40

Reward - 3:27 - Tear Drop Explodes
(John looses his voice!)

Riders on the Storm - 7:08 - The Doors

Sometimes - 4:27 - The Stranglers

1993 Christmas Party Videos:

Christmas Party - Love Shack - mpeg-1

Love Shack - B52's

Christmas Party - See-Saw - mpeg-1


Christmas Party - Daydreams - mpeg-1


Christmas Party - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - mpeg-1

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles

Christmas Party - Extinction - mpeg-1

Extinction (part)*

Christmas Party - Political Crime - mpeg-1

Political Crime**

*Songs and lyrics by John Buckingham
**Song and lyrics by John Buckingham & Paul Skingley


Sinfear & the Love with special guest for the night, backing singer, Caroline Dearden

Sinfear and the Love - Maybe Ibsley Village Hall with Rob Fish

Sinfear & the Love with new band member Rob Fish on guitar

Maybe Ibsley Village Hall with Paul Dreamcatcher on Drums

Sinfear & the Love with new band member Paul "Dreamcatcher" on drums

Sinfear and the Love Christmas Party

The Sinfear and the Love artwork was designed by Jules Buckingham

Unfortunately the changes didn't really work and also other factors
meant that Sinfear and the Love split up early in 1994.




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